Life Insurance

For a tiny fraction of the cost, money required to repay mortgages, pay for school fees, provide ongoing income and exit businesses profitability, is made available to pay…

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Total & Permanent Disability

If you had a serious accident or illness which prevents you from working again or running your business you will need money to repay any debts and pay for expensive medicals…

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Income Protection Insurance

Without ongoing income our clients would not be able to pay for their families living costs and fixed financial commitment like mortgages and car loans. You would…

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Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance

This insurance is mostly used to pay for expensive treatments and specialist consultations not covered by private health insurance and government subsidised…

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Business Solutions – Key Person Insurance & Buy Sell

Key Person Insurance provides the business with much-required money to keep it profitable. Most business owners have not fully accounted for what their time and…

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Lifestyle Solutions – Motorcycle Riders and Sports

Having ridden a motorcycle on the road and track for 30 years, we are keenly aware of the risks that go with this lifestyle choice. Whilst we can do much to avoid…

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Surety Life

Insurance Services

Personal & Business insurance protection is the surest way to protect your family and assets. Without this insurance in place our client’s families, incomes and assets would not be protected. Our insurance consultations and advice have assisted our clients to feel secure about their finances and have peace of mind.

Should you be considering insurance protection? Broadly speaking our clients tailor their insurances depending on what stage in life they are at.

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