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Getting advice on your income protection is important. Many industry super funds and direct insurance policies contain harsh terms, conditions, exclusions (including height) and may not often consider your financial structure (i.e. for tax purpose). Surety Life can offer: Generous height limits Indicative quotes over the phone 24 hour...

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What is advice? When a Surety Life advisor provides personal advice they consider: your personal and financial position. your financial objectives. You will also be  provided with a written recommendations on how we researched products and strategy to meet your objectives. You are also made aware of any gaps...

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Income Protection How you manage your finances can be severely impacted due to not having the right level of monthly income protection cover for the following reasons; You may not be aware that the benefit is taxed. This means that there is less to pay the bills with. You...

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Locksmiths like other occupations have a need to ensure that they have adequate life insurance in the event something unfortunate should happen. Don’t forget that you’re important. You’re important to your family and business and should be insured as such. Have you valued what your health and life is...

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As we journey through life, there are all sorts of financial obstacles and pitfalls to negotiate – some are minor speed bumps, but some can cause us major setbacks, and a whole lot of grief. These are the ‘pitfalls’ you need to avoid – IF you see them coming....

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  The information contained within, including taxation, does not consider your personal circumstances and is of a general nature only. You should not act on it without first obtaining professional financial advice specific to your circumstances and reading any product disclosure statements.

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What are the problems that income protection solves for you? Who will pay you when you can’t work? Most self-employed people don’t have any work cover. How will you pay the bills if you can’t work? If you don’t have adequate cash savings this causes a lot of worry...

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Life, Trauma, Income Protection and TPD insurance are there to cover you for dire events. So when you need to make a claim, you need it approved NOW – and paid as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. ASIC recently found that some life companies were...

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Are you properly insured? Running a small business is hard work. A lot goes into getting it up and running and you will have taken some big risks. The last thing you need is to lose it all because of poor insurance choices. Do your homework Firstly you need...

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Taking out income protection insurance is a sound idea for those working in high risk industries such as the pest control industry. What happens if there’s an accident and it’s not possible to go to work for weeks, days… or even years? Common issues with income protection policies include...

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