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Speak with a Surety Life advisor for Life Insurance, Income Protection, Trauma, and Total & Permanent Disability. Speak with a Surety Life advisor about your cover and hopefully you’ll be smiling like Dave. Life Insurance Income Protection Insurance Total & Permanent Disability Insurance Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance Business...

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How does your income protection insurance stack up? Common issues with income protection policies include adequacy of the coverage and underinsurance. When was your income protection insurance last reviewed? How to calculate your level of cover? You can insure up to 75% of your monthly income. Refer to the...

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There’s too much at stake. It’s your family who suffer if you don’t have the right income protection, trauma and life insurance. Get proper advice and protection.  A financial adviser can help you to put together the right package make the cover affordable with a easy payment program so...

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Over the years, I’ve asked the question, “What’s your most important asset? Responses vary from my family, my house, investment properties, the business, my wife, my kids, my eyes, my hands, my relationship skills and may other varied responses. A very small percentage would say something like, my ability...

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For most business owners, paying for life insurance via super can be a tax effective way for paying insurance premiums. This is despite the fact that it can be cost effective. The tax deduction can be 30% for companies and could be higher for some self-employed individuals. Paying life...

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Surety Life is a boutique life insurance broker based in Australia, with a commitment to providing excellence in policy coverage and customer service. We tailor protection for you, in the various stages of your life’s journey. Life Stages Life can be broken down into the following stages: Single working...

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