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Why are we passionate about rider protection? We are riders ourselves, we know all too well the risks associate with recreational road, off-road and track riding. We know it’s a dangerous pastime and that’s part of the thrill of riding a motorcycle. One of the last things we want to think about is the what ifs. The what if’s relate to serious injury or death. Being motorcyclists ourselves who ride on road and track, we have been building a customer base of motorcyclists who value having the right insurance in place.

Insurance for Riders

We specialise in rider protection strategies and policies for life insurance, total and permanent disability, income protection and trauma insurance. Each type of insurance provides a specific strategy for the rider. Unfortunately, there are many gaps in standard policy coverage. You may or may not be adequately covered for the type of riding you engage in.

Considering motorcycle riders, it’s fair to say your current life insurance or income protection policy may contain certain exclusions pertaining in particular for track and off-road riding. If you are relying on policies within superannuation funds the terms and conditions are likely harsher.

There are several policy definitions you should be aware of. Some of the relevant definitions for motorcyclists to be aware of are: coverage for own occupation vs any occupation, pre-set exclusions for off road riding and motocross, if payouts is available for loss of limbs, how long income payouts last and coverage on the race track for both leisure days and racing.

It is also important to calculate how much money one needs based on your personal financial commitments. Getting advice from a professional advisor who will help you navigate the various policy conditions in life insurance and income protection policies is a must.

Safe riding.

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