Locksmith Life Insurance
By: Surety Life On: October 15, 2018 In: Insurance Comments: 0

Locksmiths like other occupations have a need to ensure that they have adequate life insurance in the event something unfortunate should happen.

Don’t forget that you’re important. You’re important to your family and business and should be insured as such. Have you valued what your health and life is worth financially if something were to go wrong?

The following insurance policies should be given consideration.

What do I need to consider when weighing up life insurance options?

Do you own the locksmith business? As a business owner you may need to consider what would happen to the business if you weren’t in it, would it survive?

Is the business a partnership? If you or a business partner are unable to continue to work in the business how would the partnership be bought out?

Do you have debt such as a mortgage or vehicle repayments? This can all be factored into any review to ensure that you do not experience financial hardship.

Surety Life can arrange a review of your insurance policies to identify any inadequacies. Call 1300 307 955 and speak with an advisor.

The above information in not intended as advice, if you require advice please contact Surety Life.