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Types of Insurance

Surety Life is all about advice and protection for you, your family and your business. During the various stages of your life, priorities change and so should your wealth protection. With an understanding of the markets, coverage and access to leading class policies, no matter what stage you are at Surety Life is here to assist.

You are young and pretty much free to do as you please with your main commitments being your job and earning an income. You may or may not have any debts and it’s possible that you may be saving for a property deposit. You may still be living at home.

Your most important asset is your education and work experience, your ability to generate an income.

You may want to consider the benefits of insuring your income as you also fall into one of the highest risk categories of having a serious accident. The premium is not the problem, it’s the headspace.

You have started to make some commitments and may have some aspirations of having property assets. You are focused on your job or career. If you’re well educated you may have some education loans that you are paying off.

You may want to consider being able to take care of yourself if something goes wrong from a health point of view or serious accident. You need to know that financially you will be ok if you can’t work either temporarily or permanently. The premiums are very affordable and insurance is easily assessable.

You are responsible for more than just yourself. You are now working towards a secure financial future for your family. Your budget may be a little stretched as you go down to a one income family.

You will need to consider your insurances beyond physical assets like a house. You may not have factored in your time contribution and or income contribution for your family. Without you things will not be the same. Financial security for your family is a high priority.

Here you want to make sure that you have adequate insurance to protect your family and yourself financially. The cost of insurance whilst affordable can start to add up. You need to have a suitable insurance plan to match your objectives and which can be reviewed regularly to keep the costs controlled.

You have been through the ups and downs in life. You know that nothing comes easy. You value your financial position and independence. Your insurance program is important in so much as ensuring that you can maintain your financial status quo in the event of a serious illness or injury.

You feel years of paying premiums for insurances are finally over. You focus on building your assets for retirement. You also realise that one of your greatest assets is your health. You want to be around for your children and grandchildren. If something’s going to go wrong you worry that it’s going to be a health scare. With insurance, you want to protect any financial setbacks that you may be faced with if your health takes a turn for the worst.

In addition to the life stages you have the responsibility of owning and running a business. You have business income (people owe you money) and expenses (you owe other people money), you may have staff to worry about and suppliers to contend with. Customers who rely on you for a product or a service. Without you the business may fail or suffer a loss. You understand risk and know that insurance is a part of doing business. You will need specialist strategies and products to cover the risks. Getting the right advice will save you money. Reviewing your insurances regularly will also save you money.

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