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Surety Life is a boutique life insurance broker based in Australia, with a commitment to providing excellence in policy coverage and customer service. We tailor protection for you, in the various stages of your life’s journey.

Life Stages

Life can be broken down into the following stages:

  • Single working
  • Living together with no children or dependants
  • Parents
  • Mature aged single
  • Mature aged couples and empty nesters
  • People in business

Types of Insurance

Surety life has access to a range of leading insurers and policies

  • Life insurance is paid as a lump sum benefit in the event of death, serious illness or accident.
  • Total & permanent disability insurance is paid as a lump sum benefit if you are unlikely to ever work again.
  • Income protection insurance – Not able to work as a result of an illness or injury, income protection pays monthly benefits to help meet your financial commitments.
  • Trauma or critical illness insurance – This is paid as a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition like a heart attack, cancer or stroke.  There are over 40 medical conditions covered.
  • Business solutions – Key person and buy sell insurance are essential to businesses survival in the event of detail, serious illness or injury.
  • Lifestyle solutions – Why let your lifestyle slow you down, when you could enjoy it safe in the knowledge you are fully covered.

Groups and Associations

Surety Life also provides wealth protection solutions for groups. If you’re part of an industry or large company, we can source quality coverage at competitive group rates. See our business solutions page for further information.


Your lifestyle is part of who you are, so why let it get in the way of insurance coverage. Surety Life can provide solutions tailored to ensure you are covered in your various pursuits, such as motorcycle riding, snow sports, water sports and other more extreme activities.